How Do I Know Which Schedule the Calls are Currently Routed To?

I have multiple call schedules routing to three different numbers in my callflow, these schedules change throughout the day. How can I see that the schedule has actively changed from schedule A to schedule B and that calls are currently being routed to that number? 

I see the schedules I have built in the callflow, but how can I verify that calls are actively being routed through each schedule at that point in time.


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    As you know, the schedules are based on the time of day. Calls will route according to each schedule based on the time they are set up for.

    If you would like to verify this is happening, I would suggest implementing a tag step as the first step for each schedule's call routing. For example, for schedule A, right before the dial step, add a tag step with a tag named something like "Schedule A." Then when someone calls and is routed according to schedule A, the call will be tagged accordingly, and you can see this in your call log. 

    Let me know if you have any other questions, and welcome to the community! 

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