Adding team feature to simulcall or dial step in callflows

It'd be great to make the teams feature more accessible. this way admins can add team members to complex callflows very easily.



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    Okay, that makes sense. Thank you for explaining this. I'll get this submitted to our product team as a feature request. 

    If there is any kind of update made, I'll let you know here in this thread!

  • Hey Liz,

    Do you mind elaborating a little more for me on what you mean by more accessible? Do you mean placing the Team Feature in a different location within the app?


  • Hi robin,
    I was hoping to just have this feature available for other types of steps.
    For example right now you can use a specified "team" for queues only - but I'd really like to be able to plug in "teams" for simulcall or Dial steps.

    It would allow a much easier admin experience when team members change AND allow for ease of updating very complex callflows.

    For example, we just updated our leasing callflows include 3 different leasing teams, with very specific schedule steps which means I would have to remove a single team member from over 21 stepss due to our complexity - eek! But if dial or simulcall had the "teams" feature for routing, all I'd have to do is remove the individual from that team, one and done!


    Hope this helps

  • awesome, thank you!


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