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If one of my companies does not receive a tracked call or contact form after a certain number of days I would like to be notified. We encounter situations where a contact form on a website breaks or a call rail number stops working and it would be good if we could get notified of that. 




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    Hey Mark!

    I think this is a great feature request. I'll get this submitted to our product team for review. If there are any updates, I'll let you know here in this thread.

    Thank you for the suggestion, and welcome to the community!

  • Agreed, we had an issue about being capped for text messages and the account owner and admins were not notified - the end user was left with error messages they had no way of overriding.

    It would be amazing if admins were able to receive account-level notifications or build account-level notifications to better understand how successfully their account automation is functioning.

  • Thanks Liz Chartrand for jumping in here and adding to this request. I agree, that would be very helpful for account admins. Right now, the only account level notifications that can be created are Integration Alerts. I'll get this suggestion sent to our product team for review as well. 

  • Thank you, Robin!


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