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We have a callflow queue with a team.  I am able to set the hold music for the queue.  Once an agent answers and if they then  place the person on hold, the hold music is now some default music I have no control over.  This is a lost marketing opportunity, and the music that plays is not a great default choice.  It would be nice to set all the hold music to my choice.



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    Hey Kevin,

    Thank you for providing this feature request! I definitely agree this would be beneficial for many. I'll get this request submitted to our product team. If there is any update made, I'll let you know here.

    Thank you again for suggesting this, and welcome to the community! 

  • Yes this is very cringe worthy. We do not use this feature just because of it and we would really want to.

    Any update on this?

  • I completely agree Kevin and Bruce that this would be a valuable new feature. It has been requested and is definitely something we hope to see in a future update. We will keep you posted as these great feature requests are made available for use.


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