How is "first time caller" defined?

I need a little help understanding how "first time Caller" is defined. For instance, if a person calls for the first time to learn about my product but does not buy, but 6 weeks later calls back, will this second call be considered a "first time caller".

I guess my real question is the time period after which a second call will be tracked as a "first time caller?  Thanks!!



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    Hey Bethany,

    Any time a customer that has never interacted with your business calls one of your tracking numbers for the first time, that interaction is marked as a first time conversation. Every interaction after that first initial call is considered a repeat conversation. 

    A second call placed by that customer will never be marked as a first time conversation. Whether something was purchased or not does not affect when a call is marked as a first time conversation. 

    The only exception to this rule is when it comes to our data retention policy which you can read about here. Since data is cleared after 25 months, if a caller previously interacted with your business, but then 25 months pass before they interact again, that next interaction following the 25 month period will be marked as a first time conversation.

    Let me know if you have any further questions, and welcome to the community!

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