Add feature to see which users calls rang to in the call log

It would be massively beneficial if a feature were added to the call log that would enable administrators to view to which users calls actually rang. For each call, we would like to see every agent/user to whom the call actually rang. This would be very helpful in troubleshooting a pervasive issue we've seen, namely, users not receiving calls despite being members of a given call flow and despite having taken the necessary troubleshooting steps of deleting and re-downloading Lead Center, ensuring their mobile device is up-to-date, and having administrators reset their user settings to ensure they are not stuck in busy mode. Despite these troubleshooting measures, we've still had several users note they are not receiving calls they should be receiving.

If this feature were added, it would make our troubleshooting process much easier, provide more transparency as to why users may not be receiving calls, and give us clarity on whether the issue resides in an inherent system flaw, or if it's an issue that can be addressed on our side by rebuilding/reworking the call flows themselves.

Please reference tickets 488268 and 491589 for context.



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    Hey Nick,

    I looked at the tickets you've referenced, and I'm sorry to see you all are still having these issues. I definitely see how having this feature would help the process of doing some self troubleshooting. Right now, this kind of information is available on the backend, and our agents do take a look at these logs when troubleshooting call routing issues. 

    I understand your frustration with your ongoing issues, and our support team is actively working on investigating and resolving these problems for you and your team. In the meantime, I will get your feature request submitted to our product team, and if there are any updates, I'll let you know here. 

    If there are any other questions you might have or suggestions, please don't hesitate to let us know!

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