Add Reporting for which Missed Calls were Returned

It would be very useful if the product team could add an inherent reporting capability to allow us to see which missed calls were returned. Right now, the only way to do this would be to manually click into individual missed calls to see who it was from, and then try to match it up with an outbound call to that same person - obviously, a highly unscalable practice.

Our missed calls numbers are notoriously high, and there are many different reasons for this, but if we could at least have the reporting capability to see which missed calls were returned, it would allow us to more directly target the missed calls that are not being returned, and therefore help with our overall customer experience.



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    Hey Nick,

    Thank you for providing this suggestion. I definitely see how a report like this would be helpful. 

    I see our support agent Karina already offered you this workaround in the meantime utilizing tags, but I do want to share that here as well for anyone else seeking this kind of report.

    A workaround for this kind of report would be to create a new Tag for returned calls and apply that to missed calls when you call the lead back. That would allow you to run a Calls by Tag report to view missed calls that have been returned. You would also be able to filter the Call Log by Answer Status for Missed calls and Edit Columns to add the Tag field to view which calls have been returned and which have not. 


  • Hi Robin,


    This concept sounds great on paper but does not work well when applied. Here is why.

    Let's say we have 5 missed calls from the same caller. The tags will only do one call at a time. So if we clear the tag, it will only clear it for that one instance and not the other 5 calls. Also this is time consuming especially since there isn't a way to make mass tags on selected calls etc. 

  • Hi Bruce! 

    Thank you for your feedback and for providing an excellent use case example. In the case that you brought up, I believe the workaround would be best for tagging the most recent missed call from a lead instead of all missed calls in a caller's timeline. 


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