Add Teams feature for simulcalls OR shorten minimum queue ringtime

For queue steps, the minimum amount of time a call will ring to an agent is 3 minutes before moving on to the next agent. Additionally troubling is the fact that if an agent is receiving a call who is part of a queue step, that agent's phone is completely hijacked for the entirety of the 3 minutes unless they answer the call. They have no ability to decline the call; only to answer it. We love the teams feature, but it is not available in simulcalls at the moment. We are asking for 1 of 2 things. Either:

1) Add the teams feature to simulcalls, so it's easier for admins to manage updates, and more importantly, so agents have the ability to decline calls they aren't available for (we don't want them going offline because they work on multiple properties and need to be available) and more importantly, because with simulcalls we have the ability to set the ringtime to a more reasonable duration, like 30-45 seconds.


2) Implement the ability, in queue steps, to shorten the minimum ring time to match that of simulcalls OR give users the ability to outright decline calls in queue steps that they are not available to take so it will push to the next available agent before 3 minutes. Right now the minimum time is 3 minutes, which is entirely too long to ring to one single agent before going to the next. Shorten the minimum queue time to 30-45 seconds; that is more than enough time for an agent to either answer the call or decline the call if they are not available. 



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    Hey Nick,

    Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback. I'll get both of these suggestions sent up to our product team to review.

    One thing to note in the meantime, calls should only ring available agents for 30 seconds before moving onto the next agent. The queue length does not affect how long each agent is rang for; however, if only 1 agent is available at the time, it will keep cycling back to ringing to them for the duration of the queue. 

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