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Hello, we get so many spam/telemarketer calls, and many times... calls from the same number.

To not get charged for additional minutes, we go in to the calls and block them.

However, we have to go into the timeline for each call and block them there. This adds a few extra clicks and seconds to each call we have to block.

Is it possible to add a quick block feature from the pop up when listening to the call?

Here is an example screenshot of what I'm talking about:


Do you think you could implment this? I think this would benefit a whole lot of your customers, and would save so much time! For myself individually, and collectively as a whole.

Thanks for the consideration.



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    Hey Eddie,

    Thanks for sharing this suggestion with the community. Your request has been submitted to our product team for review. If there's any update made, I'll let you know here!

  • Hi Robin,

    Just checking, is there any update on this?

    It seems like there should be a way to quick block callers from the Call Log somewhere, instead of the multi-clicking into the timeline.

    Surely, I'm not the only one who feels the same.

  • Hey Eddie,

    I definitely understand how this would be helpful, but unfortunately at this time, I do not have an update for you. 

  • Great point. Block should be just as easily accessible as the first menu option. It's way too common now. Everyone from Yelp calling us and every SEO company in the world. Now we are getting duct cleaning companies LOL

  • Hi Bruce, 

    Thank you for your input. I agree that this feature would be beneficial to our customers. Once our product team provides an update on this feature request, we will let you know!

    Thanks again!

  • Hello.

    Any update on this?

    This seems like it should be a standard feature already.

  • At this time we do not have an ETA on building a quick block feature. However, there's an option to quickly mark calls as spam. This will require the caller to press 1 in order to get through to your numbers.  It is very effective at blocking autodialers. It may not block a live caller, but most spammers are using autodialers that run through 60-100 numbers per hour or more. Most spammers use these, which is why when, or if, you answer the call and say "hello", it takes several seconds for a real person to reply. That live person is not actually connected to the call until the dialer recognizes that the call has been answered. 

    I agree that a quick block feature would add a layer of security against these spam callers. Note though, that most spammers will switch their numbers on a regular basis. The old numbers may get recycled and end up with a legitimate lead or customer. Once the number is blocked, it won't matter who owns it next. The caller just won't get through. This is why we suggest challenging spam calls instead of blocking them. If the same number is calling you repeatedly, then blocking is a good option. If the caller follows the standard pattern of switching their numbers regularly, then challenging the call as potential spam is a better option. 

    Here are some images showing where the "mark calls as spam" feature is and how the number looks afterward in the blocked numbers list.

  • Hello, any update on this?

    The telemarketer calls are picking up again. There are many each day now.


    There really should be a feature to allow Blocking calls quickly from the Call Log without having to multi-click into the timeline.

    Why can't the engineers implement something like this already?


    If I had to guess... you guys make pennies from each call, and the harder you make it to quickly block calls, the less people will do it and the more money you guys will rack up.

    That's the only logical explanation for something that seems so simple, yet will save so much time for everyone and increase satisfaction from your service. At least from one customer.

    Please please please implement this soon.



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