Using Name instead of Number for Email Notification texts

When a voicemail comes through as a notification and a name has been entered in for the contact, it shows that name in the subject line like so:

Voicemail from Joe Smith via Main Number

but when a text comes through from the same phone number, the subject of the email is:

TXT from 123-456-7890 via Main Number

Can you change the text subject line logic to be the same as the voicemails?

So the subject would would be:

TXT from Joe Smith via Main Number




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    Hey Chris,

    I agree, this would be very helpful. I'll get it submitted to our product team and let you know here if an update is made.

    Thanks for taking the time to provide this suggestion!

  • I came here to post this. I thought this was some sort of option I had turned off but it seems like an oversight on the programming side. Thank you for suggesting this.

  • Thanks for posting Bruce. This is a valuable feature request. The more comments we receive regarding it, the higher it will rise on the priority list. We are always looking for new ways to help add more value to your CallRail experience.


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