"UK Calling Issues with Call Rail Account - Need Assistance"

I'd like to inquire about an issue I'm experiencing with my Call Rail account. According to the Call Rail support team, they have provided access to the UK on my account, allowing me to acquire a UK number. However, when I attempt to make calls to UK numbers, I encounter the following problems:

1. **Error Message:** When dialing a UK number, I receive an error message stating, "Dialed number is not a valid number." It's important to note that the number I'm dialing is valid and belongs to one of my relatives.

2. **Application Error:** In some instances where the error message "Dialed number is not a valid number" doesn't appear, I receive a recording stating, "Sorry, an application error has occurred. Goodbye."

These issues are hindering the functionality of my Call Rail account and impacting my operations. I would appreciate your assistance in resolving these problems promptly.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.



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    HI-- a tech support agent will be in contact with you shortly.  We have a ticket created for this under your account.

  • I'm hopeful Julie, that the issue will be resolved this time. In the past, one ticket was resolved without any action, while the second ticket remains open.

  • Is there a CallRail representative available to address my inquiries, or should I consider transitioning to another application?

  • Hi SastaTareen,

    We appreciate your patience! Your ticket with Tier 3 is being addressed, and our engineers have reached out to you on that ticket with a response as to why UK calling isn't working. Please respond to the ticket with any additional concerns you may have.

    Have a great day! 

  • Julie, still facing the same issue.


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