Why as my Tracking Number Down over 24 Hrs Costing Client Thousands of Dollars?

Yesterday I got a call from a client. He told me the number on his Google Business Listing was not working and when called, there was some scripted "Verizon" message. Upon looking into it further, and viewing his call log, that number apparently was down for an entire business day as there were 0 calls. Upon calling support, I was placed on hold, and upon return, I was told the numbers had all been recycled and it was "working now". 

In my opinion, this is a flawed design system. There is no way a number should go down for that length of time. Lord only knows how much business my client lost as it is very likely potential customers just dialed a competitor. It's also very likely I will be considering an alternative to Call Rail. 



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    Hi Thomas,

    We apologize you had this issue.  Escalating this to our leadership team and we will be reaching back out to your through your ticket after we investigate further.


  • This exact thing happened to us as well 😕

  • Have the same issue
    Over the years the service quality went down a lot

  • Hello,

    This same issue occurred for me on Friday and yet again is occurring today on 9/5/23.  I am spending a significant amount in marketing dollars and losing calls.  How can I speak with someone live at Call Rail?

  • Hi Greg-  I see your ticket was updated by our Tier II tech within the last 10 minutes.


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