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We can get notifications for Calls and Emails, but none for chat from the mobile app. This makes no sense since theses are way more "urgent" notifications



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    Thanks, Michelle and Bruce, for providing such valuable feedback! I can see how implementing AI within the chat feature and having mobile push notifications would be helpful. I'll submit this feature request to our product team for review. If any updates are made, I'll let you know here!

  • Wondering if this can be looked at again. There is just such a huge level of stress of losing the customer with the attention span of customers these days. They will open the chat and send a message. They will wait a few seconds and then give up because they think it's a broken plugin, being ignored, we're too busy or we are closed.

    By the time we get the email 2-5 seconds, click open 2-5 seconds, click the chat, 2-5 seconds, almost 15 seconds can go by. 

    We need AI technology implemented here too. We need this to be pushed to the phones so we can answer instantly. We need pre-recorded messages, "please wait" and things like this otherwise clients are just skipping through.

  • At this time, we do not offer chat responses via the mobile app. Because there is no response option, we also do not currently have a mobile notification for chats. We do have email notifications though. You will need to respond through the CallRail desktop app.

    "You can now view incoming chats and move them to Reviewed on the mobile app. However you’ll need to use the desktop version of Lead Center to respond to a chat. Alternatively, you can text or call the lead that sent you the chat.",Chat,-You%20can%20now 

    Here is an article for setting up email notifications for chat. You can set your mobile email app to alert you when a new email arrives.


  • Yes! I 100% agree with Bruce ↑

  • Hi Bryce, want to add my input as well - we would love to use the CallRail web chat widget and keep all of our comms in ONE platform, but the lack of chat feature in the mobile app is a HUGE missed opportunity here.

    Many small business owners either cannot afford a dedicated front desk, or coverage is not 100% i.e. they work in a shop, they world in the field, etc. Being able to see and reply to chats on mobile is a must-have feature and is why we are considering other options like FreshChat.

  • Hi Gabriel,

    Thank you for your post in the community. We appreciate your feedback on this topic. I will be sure to get your input over to our product team as a feature request. 

    Please let us know if you have any questions.

    Have a great evening!

  • Definitely interested in seeing this feature as well.   2 of my 4 users at a time have the desktop available and if both of them are busy, then the chat remains unanswered.  If we can get the chat feature in the mobile app that would be amazing!

  • Hi Kyle, 

    Thank you for posting in Community! 

    I will be glad to put in a request with our Product Development team regarding this feature. I understand the importance of this and we appreciate your input on this. Thank you! 


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