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We currently have several companies and 30 CallRail #s. The desktop version allows for customized notifications where we only get notifications for the tracking numbers we choose.

It's very distracting for our team to have to look at all of the notifications on their phones. Is there a way to get notifications for the tracking numbers an individual uses?



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  • Hello, and thanks for using the CallRail Community post. The desktop version does offer more specificity with what numbers you get notifications for.

    As for the mobile Lead Center app, you are able to move numbers into different companies and log into just 1 company to limit your notifications. Each user could transfer their number(s) to a unique sub-company to achieve this. Administrators will still have access to all companies and all numbers. At this time, you cannot specify which numbers within a single company will be notified using the mobile Lead Center app.

    This has been a feature request before and will likely be released with a future update. We appreciate your input. I will inform our Development Team of your request as well.

    We are always interested in creating new features that will benefit our clients. Please click here to post your ideas and see what our other customers are talking about. The more requests we get, the higher they rise on the development list.



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