Built-In Form Styling Features

Hello everyone! It would be great if CallRail could add built-in (think drag and drop) form styling features to make more engaging and easy-to-understand forms. 

Currently, if you need styling, you need to implement CSS edits. 

I use forms on WIX and Hubspot; they are drag-and-drop and make putting fields side by side easy. The issue with CallRail fields is that they make the forms long. To reduce form length, I generally need to tell a developer to make the CSS edits. Built-in styling options would make it so much easier to implement ourselves thereby saving time and money. Not to mention that better-looking forms may increase conversion rates. 

This form below could benefit from built-in styling features by placing preferred date and passengers side-by-side. The same for email and phone. Currently, it's too long and the submit button doesn't show. 

Thank you, 




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    Hello Franco,

    Thank you for providing this suggestion! I agree that having built-in styling options for forms would be helpful. I'll submit this feature request to our Product team for review. If any updates are made, I'll let you know here. 

    Thank you for the feedback, and welcome to the community!

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