CallRail => HubSpot Integration keeps Disconnecting

The integration between HubSpot and CallRail keeps requiring reauthorization. Our company operates HubSpot portals for a decent amount of clients and the integration seems to fail simultaneously. 

Has anyone noticed this issue or have any suggestions for a permanent fix? 



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    Hey everyone!
    Just following up here to say the issue has been resolved. Your HubSpot integrations should be fully restored and functioning properly. However, we do recommend logging into your CallRail dashboard to verify the status of your integrations.

  • We are experiencing this as well. I entered a ticket. 

  • Having the same issue. Hoping this gets resolved soon.

  • Hi all! Our team is actively working on a fix. You will receive an email from CallRail with a status update and any action items - you can also check our status page for updates.

    Thank you!


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