Is there a way to download a transcript

Is there a way to download a transcript of the call besides copy and paste?  



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    Hello Micah and thanks for joining the CallRail Community! Yes, there is a way to download transcriptions without copying and pasting each one. Within your Activity/Call Logs page, first filter the date range you'd like to see. Then, look for the Export option to the right, just under the graph. Once you click it, choose the drop-down menu option for Excel, with transcriptions. Choose whether you want the data downloaded to your browser or sent to your email address. If you are pulling a lot of data, you may want to use the email option because it can take a while. 

    Thanks again for being part of our Community.

  • Is there a way to post the transcript to a record in Salesforce?

  • Hello Jose. Yes indeed, we can send your call transcriptions to Salesforce. The field we use is conversational_transcript. It is a transcribed copy of the phone call conversation, if available. You would need to have Conversation Intelligence or Premium Conversation Intelligence active on your account for us to transcribe calls. Call recording must also be enabled on the tracking numbers you'd like to transcribe calls for. Here is a link to all of the fields we send to Salesforce through our native integration. If you'd like to send other data not listed in the link, you can also check out our API documentation and build a custom link to Salesforce and other CRMs with a RESTful API.

    Fields CallRail sends to Salesforce

    What is RESTful API?,applications%20to%20perform%20various%20tasks.


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