When transferring to a number outside of the lead center can you make a cold transfer?

We are new to the live transfer function and while we know it is possible to do a warm transfer of a live call to someone outside of the lead center is it possible to do a cold transfer? Often the agents on our call center team receive calls for other departments in the company and we would love to be able to transfer those calls but we do not have the bandwidth to be able to act as a reception desk and keep the customer on hold while we track down someone to answer a call that is being transferred. We'd like to be able to transfer the call to the appropriate department and move on with the caller getting voicemail if no  one picks up at the destination department. 



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    Hello Barb, 

    Welcome to Community! Thank you for posting your inquiry! 

    So with Lead Center, right now the functionality works so you can do the external transfer, however, that external number has to be able to pick up to transfer. Unfortunately, there is no way to just transfer and then hang up. I understand the need for this functionality and how time is of the essence. I will be glad to put in a feature request for you regarding this. Let me know if you have any other questions! 

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