Using Zapier filters for CallRail tag reporting

Zapier has a filter action that will allow you to get more specific reporting from your CallRail account into whichever app you are connecting to. 

For example, if you have a Google Sheet of new customers, using a New Customer tag in CallRail to tag those callers and setting a Zap up with a filter will automatically push this caller’s information into a specific Google sheet for your team to review. This is one way your account can make the most of Zapier’s filters with CallRail tags. 

To start, you must have a paid Zapier plan to use multi-steps (including the Filter Action). 

If you’ve not already connected your CallRail account to Zapier, follow the steps in this support article to complete the setup: Zapier.

Once the initial Zapier setup is complete, you’ll want to create the tags you’ll be filtering by and the process in which you’ll be tagging calls if you have not already done so. 

Set up the tag step in a call flow or use automation rules to automate the process of tagging specific calls. Otherwise, agents can manually tag calls as they complete them. In either case, before moving forward with setting up the zap, place a test call to trigger that tag or manually tag the test call. This ensures that the correct tag is found when Zapier tests the trigger. 

Within Zapier, use the trigger Phone Call Tagged. Add a Filter Action after the trigger that only continues based on the tag selected. This can be set up whichever way best suits your account’s needs. Here is an example:

This condition will only allow the Zap action to occur if a call contains that tag. 




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