Focused Inbox

Focused Inbox is a permission that determines whether or not you can see other agents’ interactions. When Focused Inbox is enabled, only your items and incoming items that are available for you to respond to are visible. When Focused Inbox is disabled, you can see your items or all items.

For agents not using Focused Inbox, we’ve added a new quick toggle at the top of the inbox that allows you to switch between “My Items” and “All Items.” “All Items” is the default setting for admin users, and “My Items” is the default setting for all other agent types.

For agents who have Focused Inbox enabled, we’ve added a dismissible banner to the top of the inbox to explain why they only see their items.



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    Hi Jason!

    Thank you for reaching out in the CallRail Community. 

    Unfortunately, at this time, My Items is the default inbox view for all non-Administrator agents in CallRail. There are no settings available to change the default view, outside of changing the agent's permissions to Administrator. However, we are always interested in creating new features that will benefit our clients.

    I would recommend posting this in the Product Ideas area of our community for greater visibility. The more requests we get, the higher they rise on the development list.

  • Is there a way to change the default for non-admin agents?  I need them to have "all items" as their default view, so things don't keep getting missed.


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