Lead Center option for auto "move to reviewed"

I would love to see an option or a preference to set an automatic "moved to reviewed" after a certain amount of time.

Previously they auto reviewed after about an hour or something like that. Maybe that was too short but an auto review would still be really helpful. For us a 24-48 hour time frame before it's moved to reviewed would be perfect.

I have so many "active" missed calls, voice mails and texts that it would be a full time job just to keep up on marking them as reviewed. Plus with the way reviews affect interactions showing up it really causing confusion.



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    Hello Ben, and thank you for joining the Community! You've come to the right place with your feedback, and we really appreciate it. I've ensured our product team sees this and keeps it in mind as they continue to enhance the Lead Center inbox. 

    In the meantime, I would advise following this post (if you have not already) for any updates that are made available concerning this suggestion. 

    Thank you again for the feedback, and welcome to the Community! 

  • Found this while looking for a way to do a one time/periodic bulk clean up. We had been using CallRail for awhile, but just started in Lead Center. The only way we have found to clear out hundreds of "Active" items going back months is to individually click the "Moved to Reviewed" button. This is a frustrating way to get started with a new feature.

  • Hey Kyle!

    I'm sorry to hear this has caused you some frustration. I will definitely make sure our product team hears you also would love to see a bulk "Move to Reviewed" feature.

    As I said to Ben, if an update is made, I will let you all know here. 

    Thank you for letting us know your thoughts, and welcome to the community!

  • We have the same issue and the active items are very overwhelming.  We've stopped trying to keep up. CallRail needs to at least give admins the option to make this automatic if desired.  

  • Hey Janice Glessner

    Thanks for giving us your input about this. I will make sure our product team sees your vote for this update to the Lead Center inbox. 

  • Hello, can is there a way to turn off this split between active and reviewed? It's complicating our work by a lot


  • Hey Eugene Avtuhov.

    There is not a way to combine the active and reviewed sections of the Lead Center inbox. The setup is meant to ensure you and your team never miss a lead by placing them in active until they've been handled. Once the interaction is handled, moving it to reviewed clears up space for new active interactions that need attention. 



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