Scheduled Call Flow Switching

Is there any way via CallRail interface, or an integration to be able to change the call flows of each of my numbers on a schedule?  We have 3+ call flows that need to change weekly for all 12 of our phone numbers.  Zapier doesn't show any "actions" for callrail, and the only features I see within the CallRail interface is to change up on days of the week, and not weeks of the year.

Can I do this via API, Webhook or another way?

Thank you.



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    Hi Tyler,

    Bobby here from the CallRail Team. This is a great question. It is possible to update a Call Flow via API. There is an API endpoint for Call Flow. Here is a link to our API Documentation relating to Call Flows. You may be able to build a script that updates the Call Flow based on a schedule.

    If you do need to do this manually, you can always bulk update Call Flows in "Account Level Numbers" and then "Bulk Upload".

    This also would make a cool feature request. Feel free to drop any of those HERE.

    I hope this helps!


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