Difference between Mobile Click to Call Integration vs GMB Ad extension


Your Google Ads Mobile Click to Call integration doc says this is for those who want to use call only ads OR call extensions on mobile devices

But on your GMB integration interface below, there is also an option to create an Ads Location Extension number

With respect to call extensions, what is the difference between creating a number within the GMB integration and within Mobile Click to Call?




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    Hey Dean. This is a great question!

    This just depends on the type of ad extensions you're choosing to use within Google Ads. If you're running a Google Ad that includes an extension number, you'll want to use our Call Details Forwarding Integration and create a number for this. This will allow you to view keywords in CallRail and track conversions in Google Ads for your calls from call ads and call extensions.

    If you're running an ad with a location extension, the number shown in the ad pulls from your Google My Business/Google Business Profile listing and will be shown to anyone who views the ad with the location extension on it. This needs to be a different number from your Google Ad Extension Number, so when a customer calls either of them, you know how they found your business.

    A number set up for an ad extension should not be used for the ad location extension because they are not compatible with the Call Details Forwarding integration to track keywords & conversions, and it's best to keep them separate for proper source (or campaign) level attribution.

    If you create a number from the Google My Business integration (under the Location Extension section), it will be set up as a general Google Ad Extension number type. Any Google Ad Extension number can be used as the ad location extension provided it's placed in the right field of your Google My Business/Google Business Profile listing. Here is an article that goes into more explanation about Google Ads Location Extension.

    There are different ways to set up your CallRail account depending on how you're using Google Ads, but a good general rule of thumb is 1 source tracking number for each campaign running extensions that will receive calls (call ads, call extensions, or location extensions).

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