Significant percentage of External Quote Forms not being captured.

Hi there!

We use Callrail's External Form Capture on our sites. We realized a significant percentage of form fills weren't being captured by Callrail. Our websites automatically send an email when the form is submitted, THAT part was working, the data just wasn't being picked up by Callrail about 5% of the time.

Is anyone else seeing that? Has anyone found a way to fix it?



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  • Hey Kevin!

    Are you seeing all the form submissions in CallRail but with some missing form fills? Or are you missing entire form submissions in CallRail? 

  • Missing the entire form submission in Callrail.

  • Okay. I see you currently have an open ticket regarding this with our Tier 3 support, and they're working with our product team to get this resolved for you. I do apologize for the delay you've experienced so far, as I see this is something that's been ongoing. Your ticket with our Tier 3 agent is the best place to get this resolved.

    In the meantime, I would also be interested to hear if any of our other members have experienced this same issue with external form tracking. If you have, let us know here!

  • Hi Robin, I am experiencing similar issues where I will see forms in CallRail that are not captured by our external form provider as well as the reverse situation where we will not see the form in CallRail, but our external form provider did capture it.



  • Hey Parker Ruiz,

    The issue Kevin presented above has since been resolved with our support team.

    I'm sorry to hear you are also experiencing an issue with external forms! Since each account is set up differently, I would advise opening a ticket with support to have them take a look at this for you. They'll be able to dig deeper into your account and resolve this issue for you.

  • Hi Parker Ruiz, was this issue ever resolved for you? I currently have a tier 2 ticket in, and really hoping they will be able to resolve it. Callrail captures better data than my other methods of tracking form submissions, but it just hasn't been reliable. We use Gravity Forms, and we're pretty regularly getting notifications of GF submissions that are not showing in CR.


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