Each of my clients have a pool of 4 numbers?

I would like to track google ads, facebook ads and website visitors who call the tracking numbers. I have a pool thinking those numbers will go with what site or form I am using. According to the break down those numbers are just being used based on how many visitors are actually on the site which I am confused about all together. If I have lets say ten clients and I have 3 channels set up for advertising do I just need a 3 numbers separate from the pool? 



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    Good morning Meegan!

    Your website pool will track all your website visitors. We suggest setting the tracking sources to track all sources. This will make sure you are seeing the source of everyone who visits your site then places a phone call. For any marketing sources outside of your website (phone numbers on a facebook ad, a Google extension ad, a direct mail campaign, etc.), you'll want to set up single source trackers to track each individual campaign that is not located on your website.

    Here are some articles to get these set up if you are interested: 

    Create a number for a Google Ad Extension 

    Create a number to track Facebook Ads

    Let me know if you have any other questions, and welcome to the community!

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