Understanding time zones in CallRail

When working with companies across multiple time zones, reviewing calls and making changes can get confusing. Below is a guide on how time zones work in CallRail. 

Lead Center will always show the time zone you’re currently in.

However, in the analytics section of CallRail, the time zones can differ. If you’re viewing one company at a time in the call log, that company’s time zone will determine the call times. If you’re viewing companies in multiple zones, the call log will revert to showing all call times based on your current time zone. 

For example, let’s say you’re a marketing agency in Georgia working with a business in California and a business in Colorado. 

If you’re viewing calls for both companies in Lead Center (either individually or at the same time), the call times will all be Eastern time (+3 hours for the CA calls and +2 hours for the CO calls). 

If you’re only viewing analytics for the CA company, the call times will show in Pacific time. However, if you’re viewing analytics for both companies, all call times will show in eastern time. 

When setting up call flow schedule steps, you don’t need to account for the time difference. Changes are automatically made based on the company's time zone.  

Here’s an article on changing a company’s time zone

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