Static Swap Number

Can anyone tell me what a "Static Swap Number" is and how it works? Thanks. 



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  • Hey Gigi!

    Do you mind giving me a little more context on this? Where have you seen the term static swap number? 

    Are you asking what a swap target is? If so, the swap target is the telephone number CallRail looks for on your website to dynamically replace with a tracking number. Here's an article with more information about Swap Targets

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  • That appears to be what a user in your account named one of your offline trackers. I am not sure what the purpose of that specific number is.


  • There is this "Static Swap Number" on many of our communities. DIfferent number of course.  Any idea what it is for? It is not in Website or  Keyword pools either


  • That would be a question for the user in your account that created those numbers. We do not create trackers, so we wouldn't know the purpose of them without it being a guess. It's possible someone created that number to act as your swap target on your website instead of using the main business line as we suggest. However, this is just a guess. 

    Let me know if you have any other questions!


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