This just in: Product updates webinar

Join us March 8th at 2pm EST to kick off what’s new at CallRail in 2023! In this webinar, hear from our team of product experts on the latest updates, newest features, integrations, and more.

Some of the topics that will be discussed include GA4, the new homepage, and tracking using Apple Business Connect.

Let us know in the comments below your questions you'd like to see answered regarding the topics above. 

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  • The biggest value add (and use case) for CallRail for myself is channel attribution for inbound phone calls. Meaning, knowing how many phone calls came from organic search, paid ads, referrals (and which ones), social media, etc. I have set up the custom dimensions for clients in GA4 and QA'ing reporting between GA4 and UA, there are very large discrepancies for phone call tracking. For example, I have a client whose only two sources reporting for the phone_call event are Google Organic and Direct. If I look in Universal Analytics for the same time frame, I see CallRail phone call events reporting for Organic Search, Direct, Paid Search, Social, Referral, Email, and more. If I am seeing such discrepancies, is it a configuration issue on my behalf, or is this a gap in the data because of what can/can't be sent from CallRail to GA4? It the latter, can you go into a bit more detail on the webinar about those restrictions on how Google has limited the information that can be sent?

    P.S. Will this webinar be recorded? I am going to have a conflict the first 30 mins of the webinar so I'm hoping I'll be able to re-watch after!



  • Hey James! 

    Yes, the webinar will be recorded. I'll post a link to the recording (once it's available) in the comments of this post. 

  • Adding to James' post regarding the transition from UA to GA4, it would be great to hear your recommendations around the reporting options in GA4, in general.

    What are some best practices that you would recommend for investigating data discrepancies like the example James mentions in his post? Should we reach out to CallRail Support in those cases? 

    Are there any common mistakes that you've seen when CallRail customers are transitioning from UA to GA4? 

    Do you feel that we should/need to familiarize ourselves with BigQuery to investigate data discrepancies brought on by thresholding and/or sampling issues in GA4?

    Are there any custom reports (explorations) or standard reports in GA4 that CallRail recommends to review daily/weekly/month performance? 

  • Here is a link to the recording for this webinar for anyone who missed it. If you still have questions that were not answered, let me know here!

  • Thank you, @...!

  • You're welcome, James Bowen!


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