GA4 Phone Call Event - Custom names of the parameters

Recently, I have integrated CallRail with GA4 for some of our clients. I can see the CallRail event ("phone_call") in my events reports. 
I am also able to see all the custom parameters (eg: Tracking number, Call ID etc) that are mentioned in the support article

However, I am having an issue getting custom parameter values for the phone_call event. With each event, I am sending event_label as a custom parameter. I can see the event_label value for my all other events. But, for CallRail phone_call event, I am unable to see event_label value. I have set it to retrieve as tracking_number value. Does CallRail event support our custom parameters? 
Let me know. Thanks. 



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    Hello Pranav!

    The data payload CallRail sends to GA4 for each event only includes the dimensions and metrics listed in the support articles. These are the only pieces of data that can be used when creating custom parameters (dimensions and metrics). The custom dimension "event_label" does not exist in the data payload CallRail sends for its events, so it cannot be used for CallRail events.

    Tomorrow, CallRail is hosting a product update webinar where GA4 will be discussed. Check out this community post here to register and let us know your questions.

    Let me know if you have any other questions, and welcome to the community! 

  • Hey Robin, 
    Thanks for the confirmation. Yes, I have signed up for the webinar. Hope it allows us to create custom parameters in the future. That would be really helpful. 

  • I'm glad to hear you'll be attending Pranav Patil !


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