Recent updates to manual scoring

What's changed? Previously, if a user wanted to manually update the qualified status for a lead, they'd need to find the interaction that was originally scored and affect with the lead status there. However, that would be difficult or impossible if that interaction had been deleted due to data retention or our 25 month reporting window. Now, users can score any interaction, removing the need to find that first scored interaction.
What does that mean for the Qualified Milestone? Great question! We understood early on the need to protect the milestone and attribution data that contributed to that lead becoming qualified. If any interaction can be scored, how can we transparently manage if and when the milestone is updated? We decided that if the new manual score is changing the overall lead status (qualified to not qualified, not qualified to qualified, or clearing a score), then we will update the lead status and the milestone. If the new manual score is maintaining the lead score, the milestone is not updated. To put it a different way, we won’t update the Qualified Milestone unless the user submits a manual score that is different from the current score.
In-app changes To communicate these changes to the user, we'll display a lead score by the contact name in logs and reports. This will be separate from the interaction lead score, which still appears in the Qualified column. By doing this, we're drawing a distinction between the Lead Status at the lead and interaction level. We're also showing a pop-up modal when the manual score is going to update the lead score. This way the user is aware that the milestone is going to be updated based on their actions.
The thumbs up still represents all types of qualified scoring, whether that's manual, automation rules, keypad scored, etc. Mousing over the icon will reveal the method that produced that score. As always, please feel free to comment and provide your thoughts!




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