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Does anyone know any 3rd party options that we can hook to CallRail that will allow us to send an automated post-call text over a certain duration? If a call lasts over 180seconds, we'd like to send an automated text (preferably from the CR number) asking for a review/feedback. It is my understanding that CallRail has automated texts for forms and missed calls, but not completed calls over durations. TIA!



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    Hi Jessica,

    One option to look at would be utilizing Zapier to perform this type of post-call text message based on call duration. Using Zapier, the trigger (or Zap) would look something like this:

    • CallRail Trigger for 'Phone Call Completed in CallRail'
    • Then a Zapier Filter event checking the call duration is over 180 seconds
    • Then a Zapier webhook POST pointing to the CallRail API endpoint for sending a text message

    Let us know if you have any luck with this type of solution!


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