Tell us about your GA4 experience

The sunset date for Universal Analytics is right around the corner, so we want to hear about your experience with GA4 so far. 

What are some hurdles you're experiencing? What do you like better? Is there something you'd like to show the community that you find helpful?

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  • A hurdle we are experiencing is that CallRail conversions do not seem to integrate with default channel groupings in GA4 and all show up under (Unassigned) within the Traffic Acquisition report.

  • Hey PaperStreet,

    I definitely understand this is something many have found frustrating. Unfortunately, Google did not make the necessary attribution fields available to us in GA4, and as a result we cannot send our source and medium data to their default channel groupings. That is why custom parameters are required.

    Let me know if there is anything you have questions about!

  • We did have another question. We noticed that conversions from CallRail are actually appearing in default channel groupings under the “User Acquisition” report which is tailored to data around first-time visitors.

    However, it shows under (Unassigned) in the “Traffic Acquisition” report that includes new and returning sessions.

    Any idea why its occurring that way? I know you mentioned the necessary attribution fields were not made available but it seems to be working in some capacity.

    User Acquisition:

    Traffic Acquisition:

  • Hello,

    This is likely happening because when there are calls to your website pool numbers, we are able to gather and send the client ID/user ID to google, and then google is able to do the heavy lifting in determining the source of that user. We currently do not have a way to send the session ID to google and it work the same way because the format varies. However, by sending the user ID, google is able to map the source in the user acquisition report for those new callers. This something google is doing on their backend and attributing through their channels, not information we're collecting and sending.
    Let me know if you have any other questions! 
  • It kinda stinks imo. In UA you could very easily look at your website's traffic for the past year on a month by month basis, like:

    You can see every month clearly and can then drill down into anything that might be weird.

    In GA4, this is impossible(?). You get this instead:

    A daily user count for a whole year by default that you can't change to something that's actually useful. It's like they added all these advanced features and forgot to put the basic stuff in there. I am a simpleton and only need to see if graph go up or if graph go down.

  • Hey Carlos Santiago,

    Thanks for sharing that with us. I'm interested if others have found a way to do this in GA4 similar to UA or if they're also experiencing the same things. 


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