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Premium Conversation Intelligence launched last month giving customers access to call summaries and call sentiments. Let us know what you think about these new features! How are they helping streamline your day-to-day? What improvements/new features would you like to see? We want to hear from you in the comments below.

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    Hi Bruce! Love this feedback, thank you so much for sharing! We're so glad call summaries has become such a valuable tool for your team. 

    Yes, giving the call summary a star rating helps us monitor and analyze the accuracy and quality of the summary so we can make improvements.

    We'll pass along these ideas to our product team and look forward to your additional feedback as we test new features going forward! 

  • I love the summary feature. As we are training new agents the transcripts helped us understand and skim through calls quicker but the longer the calls, the longer the review time.

    With call summary, it takes us 5-10 seconds to understand what was said during a 5 or even 60 min phone call. This is great because we don't have to scroll through an entire transcript. We can decide whether to examine the call further or move onto the next one for quality control.

    Huge time saver!

    I couldn't stop laughing when this call came though.

    This was the transcript:

    "The caller inquired about the lives of ancient Egyptians and the truth about their history. An expert shared that science hopes to reveal more information but current knowledge is limited. No resolution or next steps were mentioned."

    I was expecting call rail to label the customer as "drunk" but it happened to be the customer was ringing our phone and their TV was playing some history show in the background.  LOL

    I would like to know what the 5 star ranking does at the bottom of the summary. "poor summary/great summary". Does this submit our call to callrail or retrain our own AI or retrain the entire AI for callrail?

    What would I improve?

    I would like to see the "Caller Details" and "Questions asked" sectioned below the transcript summary instead of having to click generate. 

    A really cool feature would be to have a click to play option on the summary just like transcripts. 

    For example, the call summary should have each sentence on a separate line. When we click the sentence, it will play back the audio section of where it came up with that summary idea. So it behaves similar to how transcripts work when you click on the text, it acts like the marker for where the audio was transcribed from. 


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