G4 Not Sorting Calls By channel after custom dimensions added

We have set up G4 and added custom dimensions yet all calls are still coming under 'Direct' or 'Unassigned' after making this adjustment a few weeks ago.



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    Hey Jen,

    Unfortunately, Google did not make the necessary attribution fields available to us in GA4, and as a result we cannot send our source and medium data to their default channels. This means you will not see source, medium, campaign, or landing page data for events posted through the GA4 integration. Instead, we will send attribution data like source, medium, and campaign as a custom parameter.

    You can expect these fields to be populated with values like “not set” or “none”.

    This data is also used by GA4 to determine the "Default Channel Grouping," so as a result our events will show as "Direct" or "Undefined".

    Again, this is a Google limitation. While you will not see these numbers represented in the default channel groupings, custom parameters can be used to filter reports. I would suggest taking a look at this previous community post for more details on how other customers are reporting in GA4 despite these limitations. 

    Let me know if you have any further questions, and welcome to the community!

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