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How can I check on the website if the website pool is working and the numbers on the website are changing?

Second, Do I need also the give swep number to the fixed number in the website?



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  • Hi Shahar,

    Thank you for reaching out to support. You can check to make sure your website pool is working as expected by following the steps below:

    1. Visit your website from an incognito window; if the number swaps, the script is installed, and the pool works as expected. If the site is explicitly configured for Google Ads, you can manipulate a Google Ad click by adding /?gclid=test behind the URL. 

    2. You can also check to ensure your numbers are swapping in your CallRail dashboard. Click on settings and then click on tracking. Go to the website pool and click on the hyperlink for the amount of numbers in the pool, and that will open the number page; you can see the last time the number actually swapped on the website.

    The number "swap target" you have on your website is the number our script looks for to swap out with a tracking number from the website pool.  

  • Thanks


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