Not receiving inbound texts

This just started a few days ago.  I can send texts, but I cannot receive them.   We filled out the form for the SPAM law, so I do not understand why this happening.   Texts are turned on.  



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    Hello Joe!

    I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues receiving inbound texts. I see you have a ticket with our Tier 2 support team. They will be your best resource for solving this issue and will be reaching out to you soon.

  • We are having the same exact issue. It has almost led to losing business. Has this been solved for you Joe? 

  • No!  Still having this issue.  I can send texts fine, just no one can text me.  It has absolutely cost me business.  I have called customer service twice and they just tell me to wait for someone to contact me.

  • Going to start looking at other services, any suggestions? I've used Call Tracking Metrics before, costs more, but doesn't have these issues. 


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