Callrail Value showing Event Values from Non-Callrail Events

We are attempting to extract a callrail conversion value in our reports in GA4.  We used Callrail's docs to set things up.

Screen shot:  Callrail Value has our Event values, EXCEPT for Callrail's first_time_phone_call.   This is the standard conversions report.  The only modification was to replace "revenue" metric with "Call Rail Value" and "Event Value" in GA4.


1) WHY does Callrail Value have event values from our non-callrail events (generate_lead_***) ?
2) Why is the "Callrail Value" zero for the first_time_phone_call event?  We have the default conversion value set in GA4 but as you can see, that's not showing. Where/how we assign this value of a first time call such that it appears in this report?



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    Hi Scott,

    There are several factors that could contribute to the experience you are describing, like how values are applied in CallRail and/or other GA4 setup nuances that potentially need comprehensive research. I am going to open a support ticket for you, and our Tier 2 Support team will investigate this further.

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