Your destination number is outside the area we service. Enter a different destination number.

I am trying to edit a forwarding number from +44 7455 204466 to +44 7459 204466 but I get an error: Your destination number is outside the area we service. Enter a different destination number. Is there any solution to this. Its really strange as some 074 number works and some don't..

Has anyone else had any such problems with regards to forwarding to UK mobile numbers. 



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    Hello Ketan and thank you for joining the CallRail Community! I see that you have a ticket open with us and we will continue to communicate more directly about your account there. In general, though, there are some limitations when it comes to forwarding calls to numbers in the United Kingdom. We cannot forward calls to most mobile numbers in the UK, nor can we forward calls to VoIP providers or in certain areas, such as The Crown Dependencies of Jersey, Guernsey, and the Isle of Man. We suggest forwarding calls to a landline if possible. I hope that this information is helpful.

  • We can't redirect to a landline as all our clients are builders and contractors so they are often on-site which is why they need to answer calls on their mobile devices. I also have 4 clients for which the callrail landline number redirects to "074" mobile phone code with no issues whatsoever so it is very strange that some numbers work and some do not. 

    Unfortunately, if CallRail cannot redirect to most UK mobile phones, then I will have to migrate to an alternative call tracking software as we only track calls redirected to UK mobile phones. 

  • Some mobile UK numbers will work. However, some will not. This is based on call routing regulations, limitations with upstream carriers, and pricing differences and policies. Please continue to work with the agent handling your open ticket for more details about your specific account. This is a limitation faced by all phone service providers that forward calls internationally.



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