Can you only track one source of traffic?

I want to embed the tracking code onto a client's main site. But we only want the number to swap for Google Ads traffic, not for organic as the client doesn't want to confuse existing clients. Is this possible and how does it work? Thanks



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    Hello Dean and thanks for your inquiry. You can certainly set up a tracking number to swap for only a specific source, such as Google Ads. This will work for both website pool numbers and source tracking, or single, numbers. Please note that we can only capture keyword data and campaign information when using a website pool. Our Google Ads integration will also only be able to send a conversion to your Ads account if you are using a website pool.

    You'll need to click on the Settings icon on the left side of the page, the one that looks like a gear. Then, click the Edit button on the right side of the tracking number you'd like to update. It looks like a pencil. This will open the Visitor Tracking Configuration page for that number. 

    Edit the Number Insertion Options section. Here, you will find a list of standard Tracking Sources. You can also switch to Advanced Tracking options to show a number only to certain visitors as well as to exclude a number from swapping for only certain visitors. In the case that you've presented, you will use the Standard Tracking options. Just toggle to Google Ads and save your changes.

    Now, every visitor that finds your site through a Google Ads click will be presented with a tracking number. Visitors from any other source will only see the main number so that none of your existing clients get confused. Thanks again for being a valued member of our Community!



  • Thanks Bryce. Follow up question;

    How does this setup work if I only want to track google ads traffic coming from both the main site and the subdomain?

    Example: is used to direct google ads traffic will track only google ads traffic.

    Edit: I looked closer. It seems I should select "Google Ads" under Standard Tracking?

  • Once you select Google Ads as the tracking source under Standard Tracking, any pages that contain the CallRail JavaScript will only swap for Google Ads visitors. If any pages show the same main company number but you do not want the number to be swapped for Google Ads visitors, you can remove the JavaAcript from those particular pages. 


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