Default Event Value for GA4 Integration

Since Google is not supporting custom events from the API Measurement Protocol as documented by Robin here, that means we're not able to modify the event data inside GA4. We get what we get from CallRail.

The main problem I need to solve is that the event (and conversion) value is empty. This makes all of my reporting dashboards inaccurate. All other conversion actions on the website like form submissions, file downloads, link clicks, etc. have a dollar value tied to them but calls from the website are all zero. I understand that we can work around this with Conversation Intelligence but it's unreasonable to pay $50/month to send a single static value to GA4.

I'd like to request that the GA4 integration settings have a field for a default event value that is sent to GA4. When this Google bug was discovered last year, CallRail implemented the option to separate first-time and repeat calls, which was fantastic and much appreciated. If we could set a default value for a phone call (ideally separate values for first-time and repeat), that would satisfy the basic requirement for GA4. Setting a default value for GA4 events is basic functionality for other third-party tools and this seems to me like something CallRail should support without a costly add-on.



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    Hey Jon!

    Thanks so much for posting and providing additional information on why this feature would be useful for you. I agree that this would be a beneficial addition to our GA4 integration. I have submitted a feature request to our team, and they feel optimistic that this can be done. While I can't promise an exact timeline, I will update you here when I know more.

    Thanks, and welcome to the community!

  • That's great! Thanks, Ariane.


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