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I recently switched from Ring Central to CallRail Lead Center and I must say I miss having a dedicated desktop (Mac OS) app.

For one thing, the web interface constantly reverts to my computer's default audio settings. With a desktop app, I'm able to:

  • Hear incoming call notifications through my computer's speakers
  • Talk to callers using my bluetooth headset that I leave permanently configured

I've missed calls when CallRail audio is routed to my headset because I only hear the ring sound when wearing the headset. Or, when CallRail decides to revert to computer default settings, I answer the call, and the caller hears me talking to them as though they're on speakerphone. 

For me, there are other reasons I'd prefer a desktop app as well.

Is one in the works?



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    Hello Marco and thank you for joining the CallRail Community. We are always interested in hearing about our client's new product ideas. I can certainly see the use case for having a stand-alone app instead of an in-browser-only option for Lead Center. As you already know, we don't currently have an app for desktops. However, I think it's a great idea and will be happy to send this request to our Product Development Team.

    As far as your audio settings reverting, that can vary by browser, device, etc. so please open a Support ticket and we'll look at your account specifically. You can contact our Support Team by clicking on the ? icon in the bottom right corner of this page and opening a chat or web ticket. You can also reach us at 888-219-2787. Thanks again for your post!

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