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We are interested in getting data such as revenue from closed sales from FieldRoutes and House Call Pro pushed to Callrail as a value for leads in order to optimize Google Bid Strategies and are interested in either a native integration or a Zapier Connection. 




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    Hello Cliff and thanks for joining the CallRail Community! We do have a native integration with Housecall Pro but we do not have one for FieldRoutes. Our Housecall Pro integration will send data from CallRail to Housecall Pro, but not the other way around.

    However, our API can accomplish this! If FieldRoutes can connect with a REST API then you can use our open API documentation in this link to build out a custom integration for both services. Moreover, you can update fields within your CallRail account as well. Here's a link to some of the fields that can be updated in CallRail via an API call. They include such fields as Customer Name, Tags, and Values.

    I hope this helps and thanks again for your post.

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