New multi-conversation insights report

Our latest feature, the multi-conversation insights report, just released in Premium Conversation Intelligence! 

This new weekly report distills the top insights from calls received from any source you choose and sends them straight to your inbox. CallRail's AI will capture the highlights in aggregate so you can focus on spotting patterns, understanding your customer sentiment, and informing your next marketing move.

What's in each report?
Each week, the report will showcase 3 major components we've picked up across the calls that came in via a specific source:

  • A short summary of the common themes
  • What the average customer sentiment was
  • Most frequently-asked-questions

You can set up as many reports as you have sources. It takes 2 simple steps (or you can see full details here):

  1. From your Notifications panel, click Set up insights email to customize the notification you receive.
  2. Select the Company, Source, and User from the drop-downs that want to receive this source notification, and save!

Essentially, if you want the TLDR each week on the calls that came from any one of your sources - you'll want to this new report in your inbox. Try it out today and let us know what you think in the comments!




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