High number of missed calls in Lead Center?

If you’re noticing a high number of missed calls on your call log, here are some of the first things you should check.

1. Are calls routing to the correct agent/team of agents?

If there are several missed calls in your log, you’ll want to check how calls to those tracking numbers are supposed to route. Are they set up to route to the agent that is expected to answer those calls? If the agent is not in the call flow you have those calls routed to, you’ll need to add them in a dial, simulcall, or round robin step. If calls are routing to a team of agents in a queue, is that agent on the team? If not, they will need to be added. Teams can be edited by going to Settings > Workflow and selecting Teams from the left-hand Menu under Manage.

2. Are agents logged in and in online status?

If your agents are using the computer to answer calls, this means they are logged into CallRail, have a separate tab open for the Lead Center softphone, and have changed their status to Online. Closing the Lead Center softphone tab will result in the agent being unavailable, and they will not receive any incoming calls.

If your agents are using the Lead Center mobile app, this means they are logged in and have changed their status to Online. Keep in mind that agents will need to select an account and company before they can change their status in the mobile app.

3. Do you have a strong internet connection?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) can be very temperamental when it comes to internet data since that's what it depends on to handle calls. We recommend using an ethernet connection as this results in a steadier connection. Agents can also download the Lead Center mobile app, so if they are having network/connection issues on their desktop, calls will also come through the mobile app. 

If the connectivity issues are ongoing, agents may need to escalate with their Internet Service Provider. Speedtest.net is a free service that agents can use to test their network speeds and gather data to provide to their ISP should they need to further escalate.




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