Getting started with call tracking on your website

Whether you’re already using our tracking numbers for offline call tracking or you’re brand new to CallRail, here’s a quick start guide to setting up basic call tracking for your website.

Your first step is to install the javascript snippet on your website. You can do the installation manually or through platforms like Google Tag Manager or WordPress. For full instructions, see our help article on Installing the JavaScript Snippet.

After doing so, you’ll want to create a new number. We suggest creating a website pool to track all visitors. This website pool will capture session data like keywords (for paid ads), referrer, landing page, etc. For more information on visitor tracking, check out this support article: Visitor Tracking Basics

Once you click Create Number, select I’ll use it online, I’ll use it on my website, and that you would like to track calls, keywords, and web sessions. For Tracking Options, select All visitors.

By following these steps, you’ll have a pool of numbers set up to track any website visitor that places a call to your business. This includes visitors coming from Facebook, those who clicked through a Google Ad and landed on your website, or someone who found your business through an organic search, to name a few examples. This is your best bet in ensuring that anyone who visits your website and places a call will be tracked in your CallRail account. 




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