CallRail Best Practices for Real Estate Investors

This support article Getting Started with Call Tracking goes into detail about setting up your CallRail account. However, we find many homebuyers have specific ways they set up their accounts to best fit their needs. Here we will discuss some of those tips.

Bandit Signs 

If you’re using bandit signs, it’s best to use a different tracking number for each location, so you know which locations are receiving the most calls. However, if you have a large number of locations, you can use one number for each area. By setting up a call flow with a menu step, callers can then select a specific location after dialing the area’s tracking number. Using a tag step after the location is selected allows for reporting on which location is receiving the most calls. 


Many of our homebuyer customers currently use Podio. While we do not have a native integration with Podio, we do have two different ways to set this integration up. These steps can be found in this support article: Podio Integration

Ringless Voicemail

While we do not offer ringless voicemail, you can set up a call flow to route calls directly to voicemail. These can then be reviewed to determine which are legitimate leads. Here’s an article on getting started with Call Flows: Call Flow Builder Overview.

High Minute Usage

One common problem we see often with our homebuyer customers is a high minute usage from inbound and outbound calls. While our Call Tracking plans have local minutes included, many homebuyers end up exceeding these during their billing period. 

The best way to avoid going over included minutes is to use Lead Center. Our Lead Center plans come with unlimited local minutes for any calls routing to the softphone and any calls placed from within the softphone (including the Lead Center mobile app). This is a great solution for any customers who are worried about exceeding their current call tracking plans and being additionally charged. Here is more information on Getting Started With Lead Center

For additional tips for our homebuyer customers check out this support article here




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