Salesforce: Common troubleshooting questions

Question: The city and state aren't pushing to Salesforce, why?

Answer: The city/state can push to Salesforce using the following fields: full_customer_state to abbr_customer_state.

Question: How can I push the caller ID name from CallRail to a Salesforce field?

Answer: The standard "Name" field in Salesforce is a field that CallRail cannot push directly to. The customer would have to choose either FirstName or LastName, or, if they wanted to, they could create a custom "Name" field in Salesforce. The customer can select the formatted_customer_name field in CallRail.

Question: Why don't I see the gclid/keywords/campaign/landing page at the beginning of the call?

Answer: This happens when you choose to send data at call start and call complete. Attribution information like gclid, keywords, campaign, landing page, etc are typically not available at the pre-call event, which is when we create the lead. We don’t update the lead record after it is created. This data is available post-call, so we can map it to the activity we create and attach to the lead. That said, we recommend mapping attribution data on the Call Activity instead of the Lead object, or choosing a different timing setting. 

Question: I have my Salesforce integration set to send data when the call starts and when it ends, but Leads are not being created immediately at call start. Why?

Answer: Check if you have integration triggers for duration. That causes us to skip all call_started triggers as we have no idea how long the call is going to be. Removing this trigger will resolve this.

Question: I called and a Lead was created. I deleted the Lead in Salesforce and called again. The Lead was not created the second time. Why?

Answer: Whenever we find/create a Lead in Salesforce, we store the ID on our end for 24 hours to reduce the amount of API requests made to Salesforce. If you delete that Lead and the person calls again within 24 hours, we try to update the Lead by the ID, but since it no longer exists, we get the resource doesn’t exist error.




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