My Total Calls in the Calls Detail connector don't match what I see in CallRail

This is specific to the Call Details connector. The “Total Calls” metric tallies the total number of calls from a specific lead over their entire lead history in that company. If you are summing on the “Total Calls” dimension, you’re adding up the total number of calls from anyone that also called you over the time frame set in the report.

For example, Jim Bob calls Company B on February 1, March 1, and again on April 1. In Google Data Studio, a report with a date range of 4/1 - 4/30 will reflect Total Calls = 3 for Jim Bob, because it’s the total number of calls from him all time, not just those that occurred within the date range.

If a customer wants to show a count of calls somewhere in the report (using the Call Details connector), we recommend using the “ID” metric with an Aggregation of “Count Distinct.” Examples of this can be seen in our default report template (almost every visualization but the Total Calls / First Time Calls / Answered Calls are simpler examples).




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