Most common CallRail API requests & how to use them

While the CallRail API is intended for developers and customers, here is a basic introduction on some of the most commonly made API requests. 

Listing All Calls sorted by Customer Name

Method GET{account_id}/calls.json?sort=customer_name&order=asc

This will return JSON listing call data for all calls sorted by the customer name in alphabetical order. 

Listing All Calls filtered by Tag

Method GET{account_id}/calls.json?tags=example_1

This will return call data for calls that have the tag name example_1{account_id}/calls.json?tags[]=example_1&tags[]=example_2

To request call data for more than one tag at a time, use the format “tag[]” 

Creating an Outbound Call

Method POST{account_id}/calls.json?caller_id={tracking_number}&customer_phone_number={customer_number}&business_phone_number={your_number}

Upon making the request, the first leg of the call is placed to the supplied business_phone_number to initiate the outbound phone call. Once this call is answered by the business, another outbound dial is made to the customer_phone_number and connected to the initial business phone call.

Listing All Calls filtered by Date Range

Method GET{account_id}/calls.json?start_date=2016-10-01&end_date=2016-10-17

This will return JSON listing call data for calls within the given date range.

Creating a Tag for your Account

Method POST{account_id}/tags.json?name=example&tag_level=account

This will create an account level tag.{account_id}/tags.json?name=example&tag_level=company&company_id={company_id}

This will create a company level tag.

Deleting a User

You’ll first need to retrieve the User ID by listing your users. 

Method GET{account_id}/users.json

Then you’ll need to find the user you want to delete and retrieve that user ID from the response to use in the next request.

Method DELETE{account_id}/users/{user_id}.json

This will delete the selected user. 

Listing All Trackers sorted by Name

Method GET{account_id}/users.json?sort=name

Listing All Text Messages searching by Customer’s Phone Number

Method GET{customer_phone_number}

For more information regarding how to use the CallRail API, view our documentation at the following link: 




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