How to use templates to set up automation rules in a flash

Qualify Leads

Using the Qualify Leads template will automatically set a duration and several keywords such as appointment, service, schedule, etc., as criteria that will result in a qualified interaction. While the current criteria can be changed and additional criteria can be added, this template is a great place to start.

Track customer experience

Tagging interactions is not only helpful for training purposes but also gives you a big picture view of your customer experience. Using either template for tagging an interaction as a Happy or Unhappy Customer will provide you with key terms that are commonly used in each scenario. You can use both templates when setting up automation rules if you plan on tracking both Happy and Unhappy customers. 

Take action based on industry terms

CallRail has a list of common keywords used in several different industries. Whether you want to automatically qualify leads that book an appointment or tag interactions from repeat customers, this template will give you a great starting point of keywords to use as criteria. 

The above templates can all be accessed with our Conversation Intelligence product. To start creating automation rules, go to Settings > Workflow > Automation Rules. 




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